„For Mommy“: Happy Stretcher Frame

Mom will certainly be delighted to receive a hand-crafted gift with your own photos. Photo prints and copies from the laser printer can be transferred with the help of Foto Transfer Potch to nearly every desired surface. This results in an indefinite number of creative ideas with your favorite photos.



Print the desired photo with a laser printer or make a laser copy of the original photograph.

Hint: Use copies from photos and letterings mirror-inverted, so the created picture precisely renders the original motif.

Step 1:
With a soft synthetic brush thickly paint the surface (in the size of the picture) as well as the printed picture side with
Foto Transfer Potch. Work quickly!

Step 2:
Immediately place the painted picture side down on the marked surface area. Press the complete picture down evenly and flat with the help of a squeegee. Please pay attention, not to spread the Foto Transfer Potch over the picture. If necessary, either spread glue residue over the remaining area or immediately remove it with a cloth.

Step 3:
Blow-dry the picture for 10 minutes (at highest level). Cool well. Alternatively dry at room temperature for 24 hours.

Step 4:
Moisten the paper layer, wait for a little bit until it’s soaked through. Now use your fingers or a soft sponge to rub off the paper layer.

Step 5:
As the picture dries, a light white shimmer will appear on the picture – these are the residue paper fibers. These will disappear, when the completely dried picture is varnished with glossy acrylic lacquer. This will also ensure that the picture is protected from dust and the colors shine brilliantly.

Step 6:
Distribute the SOLO GOYA ACRYLIC MEDIUM Structure Paste Universal with a palette knife on the stretcher frame. You may prefer to distribute unevenly, because this will create beautiful structures.

Step 7:
Press the artist’s board designed with the photo into the still wet structure paste. Paint the hearts or other designs in the wet structure paste with a wooden pick. Dry the structure paste well for several hours.

Step 8:
With the acrylic matt paint apricot and white paint the structure paste. Paint the colors into each other to create a light-dark effect. After drying of the color, paint the hearts in pink or carmine: Apply one color with the brush, so that the surface lightly shines though in some areas. Then with the other color paint over the edges and emphasize these.

Step 9:
With the PicTixx glitter pens encircle the hearts and then paint two or three lines around every heart. Preferable paint these lines loosely around the hearts.
Write the lettering directly and boldly with the PicTixx pen.
Hint: To safely prewrite the wording, use the sublimate pen with self-deleting ink.

Step 10:
Finally trace every single flower of the bouquet with the POTCH Plus 3D-effect. At first the gel is white and then dries transparent and brightly glossy. In this way great effects can be achieved and some picture areas can be accentuated. Thickly apply the POTCH Plus 3D-effect and let it dry overnight – do not blow dry.


Laser print of your photograph
Foto Transfer Potch 150 ml (No. 49951)
Brush for Foto Transfer Potch (No. 49916)
Stencil squeegee (No. 722830)
SOLO GOYA artist’s board 13 x 18 cm (No. 601318)
SOLO GOYA BASIC LINE stretcher frame 30 x 30 cm (No. 63030)
Acrylic glossy lacquer on water base (No. 79401) or Acrylic glossy lacquer on synthetic resin base (No. 79405)
Acrylic matt paint white (No. 75501), apricot (No. 75560), carmine (No. 75515), pink (No. 75511)
PicTixx glitter pen red (No. 49841)
PicTixx glitter pen fuchsia (No. 49842)
POTCH Plus 3D effect (No. 49080)
SOLO GOYA ACRYLIC MEDIUM Structure paste Universal (No. 85905)
SOLO GOYA palette knife (Bo. 336-8)
Basic Brush, Set of 3 (No. 723019)
JAVANA sublimate pen (No. 818080)
Blow dryer, scissors, wooden picks, water sprayer

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With FOTO TRANSFER POTCH creative folks can act out their individuality and design decorations, furniture or accessories with their own motifs, paintings or photos. FOTO TRANSFER POTCH is a product of the label C.KREUL.

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